First, what is forex and why forex. It stands for Foreign Exchange which is the currencies trading market.

You may not be aware but almost everyone has been involved in forex in one way or the other. You have participated in forex if you have ever been on a holiday abroad, changed your local currency to that of another country’s, or simply ordered something online from a different country.

The forex market is the largest, most liquid financial market in the world. It is much larger than the stock market, and in 2019 it had an average daily trading volume of 6.6 Trillion Dollars.

Trading the forex market can be extremely rewarding if taken seriously as profession, and what a way to start learning the key fundamentals about this interesting market with friends and family.

The idea behind creating The ForeX Board Game® is to educate its players to understand how financial markets work. Did you know that the biggest players in the forex market are governments, central banks, pension funds and large corporations?

The ForeX Board Game® is educative, interactive and absolutely enjoyable to play. It introduces the player to the world of foreign exchange, sets them up with the basis to further educate and possibly get involved in trading the currencies market themselves. In this game, you will learn a little bit about leverage, broker fees, currency pairs, and more.

Trading can be risky however, extremely rewarding. There are certain skills, rules and principles required to become a successful forex trader. Trading teaches you to be disciplined, and enhances your psychology. It also teaches you how to deal with your emotions; fear, greed, euphoria, doubt, anger. It teaches you to stay calm during the storm.

A trader has to have a strategy, trust the process and ignore the noise. Simply, they have to plan their trade and trade their plan.

Most importantly, it teaches you how to be Patience – The Key To Success!

There will be some mathematics involved however, do not be alarmed if maths is not your thing, as players are allowed to use a calculator. Every trade question has been carefully selected, they are unique and real trading scenarios. This makes The ForeX Board Game® very entertaining and a game you would want to play over and over again with your friends, family or even colleagues and peers.

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