The ForeX Board Game®

The Best Way To Acquire Financial Knowledge While Having Fun At The Same Time

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The Poster Front Game Board Forex

We Are Living In The Information Era Where Knowledge Is Power

The Booklet

This booklet is packed with fundamentals of the forex trading.

The Guide

This guide shows examples of lots, pips, spreads and risk/reward.

“Forex, as we know is the largest most liquid financial market in the world. Have fun playing while learning to trade.”

The player, trading for their own profit with no obligations to other players, is poised to win by making the most consistent profits, doesn’t manipulate the market, however uses their senses, judgement and a little bit of knowledge to take decisive action.

Experience the life of a forex trader in this game. Trading starts after going past the START spot in a clockwise direction. You have the first 4 weeks as your training course where you will take quizzes, get some news on the odd occasion when you land on a news day and familiarise yourself with the knowledge booklet and guide card.

With a $1000 starting balance, up to 100:1 leverage and a guide card. Players keep the guide card throughout the game play as a referral guide for calculating pips, lot sizes and spreads. You have a choice to trade a micro, mini or standard Lot size.

The broker collects your money and they are also your competitor. Always keep one eye on the broker… They can be very good and naughty at the same time!

It gets even better as you would learn enough to get you started in the real world after completing a few game plays!

Best Board Game to Enjoy with Friends & Family!

This game is designed for everyone. Whether you are an trader or not, it is extremely fun to play and it will teach you forex trading fundamentals.

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