The ForeX Card Game™

Unlike the The ForeX Board Game® that is designed to facilitate decisions and/or activities about trading, risk and money management, The Forex Card Game™ is set to stimulate the minds of the players who have to answer correctly to the questions read out by other players within 30 seconds.

This makes The Forex Card Game™ extremely fun and simple to participate. It is intended for anyone, with even the least financial knowledge, to acquire the skill to read and understand the financial markets and the reading of charts, while having fun at the same time.

It is ideal for the whole family.

  • This card game is intended to facilitate discussions and/or activities around trading on the forex and stock markets.
  • The cards have been cleverly designed to engage the players
  • 100 quiz cards with true or false and objective answers
  • Play with 2 – 10 players
  • Ages: 8 years of age and above


  • Which type of candlestick opens at the bottom and closes above the open price?
    • Answer:
    • A. Bullish
    • B. Dovish
    • C. Bearish
    • D. Hawkish