How & What



The dimensions of this luxury box is 52cm x 27cm with ample space to store its contents.


The dimensions of the board is 50cm x 50cm and folds into half for secure storage.


There are four playing cards to choose from:

37 questions25 questions25 questions76 questions
74 cards25 cards25 cards76 cards

The Blue (Trade) cards are for trading activities. They are paired and are labelled 1 and 2. The first for questions and the second as results. Labelled (A1, A2) (Z1, Z2) (JR1, JR2). etc.

The Green (Tasks) cards are more likely to be mathematical tasks, working out stop losses, pips, profits and lots sizes.

The Red (Quiz) cards are quizzes on candlesticks, patterns, entry types, etc.

The Yellow (News) cards are financial news that affect both the traders and the broker.

Knowledge Booklet

The A5 size 16 page knowledge booklet has key information on forex.

Guide Card

The A6 size guide card helps players to understand lots, pips, spreads and ratios

Trader Order Book

The A4 size order book is used to record all monies & activities by traders during the game

Broker Log Book

The A4 size log book is used to record all monies/fees by the broker during the game

What Else Is Included?

There are 10 colourful chips with world currencies, 60 seconds timer and 2 dice


Always check Risk/Reward ratios before taking trades to see if it is worth it. The bigger the difference the better!

Check how expensive the spread costs and broker fees are.

Look out for Trading Times (ie; Trading GBP/USD at 10pm could mean higher spreads costs).

Players may need a calculator or scrapbook for working out figures.

The greater leverage means potential higher profits and also the risk of greater losses.

Familiarise yourself with the Knowledge book to get you out of trouble.

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