Forex Board Game


  • 40cm x 40cm Surface
  • A5 Size Knowledge Booklet
  • 5 A6 Size Guide Cards
  • 74 Trade Cards
  • 76 Quiz Cards
  • 25 News Cards
  • 25 Task Cards
  • 100 Sheet Trader Order Pad
  • 50 Sheet Broker Log Pad
  • 10x Colourful Currency Chips
  • 2x Red Dice
  • 1x 60 minute Sand Timer


The ForeX Board Game® is very realistic, educative, interactive and absolutely enjoyable to play. It introduces the player to the world of foreign exchange, sets them up with the basis to further educate and possibly get involved in trading the currencies market themselves.

Its all about making wise decisions, good money managements and taking calculated risks. Who ever goes broke first leave the game. Go have fun with your starting balance of $1000 and make some profits!


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